abraham lincoln1 Ask Tami: Whats That Song? Beatles song for sure

Image Defamation Credit: Jordy Altman


What day date and time, am or pm, did you hear it on JACK FM?
-January 07, 2011 (today), about between 10AM-12PM
What songs played before and after the song in question?
-No idea.
What are some lyrics from the song?
-No idea
What were you wearing when you heard the song?
Male or female vocals and any other identifiers like what decade it’s from, what instruments stand out, etc.
-It was a Beatles song for sure. 100% positive. Just need a name! Thank you.

Abraham Lincoln is a fan of JACK FM?!?!

Tread lightly, Tami Heide. He used to be the president (and his birthday was February 12) 

Ask Tami

Photo by Tony Koch

Hi Abraham-

That was “In My Life”.


Comments (4)
  1. Brad Williams says:

    who sing that song ” If I was from Paris I would say Oooh la la la la lala ?

  2. Brian says:

    Some lyrics are “Bein’ with you girl is like bein stoned hey hey hey”. Male vocalist. Heard it a few times on your station. Love your station Jack.Liked better with less advertising, but guess you have to pay your bills. Keep up the good work. BA

    1. Bryan benites says:

      That song is Low by Cracker

  3. Brian says:

    I’d like song info. 1of 3. Being with you girl is like being stoned hey hey hey. 2of3. when the bullet hits the bone. 3of3. give all my secrets away, tell me what you want to hear. Help please. BA

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