askjackk The Glorious Return of ASK JACK!!
Photo by Sasha Huff

Many of you have been asking, where’d the ASK JACK section go? Well friends, Romans and countrymen, ASK JACK has returned. Ask any little question your heart desires and see if JACK will answer it…

Before we get into how to submit your question for ASK JACK, understand that this is wholly seperate from ASK TAMI. T-Dot Heide handles your song inquries. ASK JACK is a totally different beast.

Ask Tami about a song you heard on JACK FM HERE…

Here is the kind of questions ASK JACK will be handling…

“Hey JACK, who’s your favorite Power Ranger and why?”

“JACK, why is the sky blue?”

“Hey JACK, what the hells your problem?”

These are the kinda of questions that will be answered here in ASK JACK.

So. Knock yourselves out people. Nothing is off limits. No question is stupid. Unless it is. Then expect to be ridiculed relentlessly. Check back in on Friday’s to see if your question made it into the ANSWER ROUND.

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