Time Wasters On A President’s Day Off

Time Wasters

Image Credit: Jordy Altman

Hey there, buddy. Tough day at work? No worries, we’re stuck inside a dumpy little building that is currently being FUMIGATED. What, you thought we’d take the day off from playing what we want because George Washington had a birthday? We’ll take a break when it’s G. Washington’s bachelor party.

So since we’re not too excited about working, we’d thought we’d share our favorite time-wasters with you. Be careful – you may not make it out of the black hole of laziness.


The “Amazing Water Trick!”

Sick and tired of your water NOT suspending in mid-air? Become an H2O master in minutes after watching this ‘How-To’ video! Hint: If you don’t twist it just right, you may be left with a wet kitchen.



time waster

Still can’t be Angry Birds? No worries. Introduce yourself to the most addicting internet puzzle game since Snood.



Stumble Upon

time wasters

The ultimate in time-wasting, click once and you’ll click a million times.



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