pizza saves woman Pizza Saves Woman When Guy Dials 9 1 1

Image Credit: Jordy Altman

This just proves that any diet is the WRONG diet if pizza is not involved. Our six-month binge of pizza and beer was the right choice after all!

A wonderful old lady named Jean Wilson just showed the world that there ain’t nothing wrong with a daily dose of pepperoni. To call her an enthusiast would be an insult; Wilson requested the same pizza order from a Memphis Domino’s every day for THREE YEARS.

Cut to this past week. Susan Guy (AKA pizza delivery CHAMP) realized it was 11am and Wilson hadn’t called in her usual order of one pepperoni pizza and two diet cokes. When she asked her manager about it, he told Guy that nobody had heard from Wilson in three days. Worried, Guy got in her car and drove to Wilson’s to check up on her.

And thank goodness she did. When Guy arrived, she opened the door to find her loyal customer stranded on the floor. For three days, Wilson was unable to get up or reach a phone. Immediately, Guy called for an ambulance. Thanks to the pizza delivery woman’s attention to detail, Wilson was picked up and saved.

All from eating nothing but pepperoni pizza. Doesn’t that just warm the cockles of your heart?

[Source: Gawker]


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