cranfill professor wings1 Dr. Cranfill Goes: Behind the Tattoo (Kristen Reynoso)
Photo by Jordy Altman
Every tattoo has a story. Every story has a meaning. Every meaning has a story. Wait what?  Sometimes it’s as simple as being drunk at the beach and sometimes a tattoos history is rooted in something way more substantial. Dr. Cranfill is going to examine the history of several tattoos that didnt quite make the cut this year. Today he examines an entry from Kristen Reynoso of LaMirada…

First off, here is Kristens ink…
0101 Dr. Cranfill Goes: Behind the Tattoo (Kristen Reynoso)

(All historical accounts below are purely fictional and were created in the total mess of grey matter that is Dr. Cranfill’s cerebellum)

And this bird you cannot change…Kristen was born a freebird. She got her first tattoo at 8 years old. A bold choice. In full color, the Pink Power Ranger on her right ankle. But that wouldn’t be the last ink  to grace the canvas of Ms. Reynoso.

Oh no. After a particularly onerous day working her retail job in LaMirada, instead of murdering her boss with an industrial 3-hole punch, Kristen instead went out for drinks with some friends. Happy hour maragaritas starting flowing and before she knew it, one margarita had turned into eleventeen.

Fueled by angst and tequila, somebody uttered those now infamous words..”Hey we should all go get tattoos,” and before she knew it Kristen was face down in a tattoo chair getting the ink of a lifetime.

Kristen told her tat master Sven, “Give me a big-ass pair of angel wings so I can just fly away from all these idiots I am constantly surrounded by….Oh yeah, and put some lyrics from Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd on there too. They kick ass.”

4 hours later, the power and glory pictured above had a permanent home on the lovely back and shoulders of one Kristen Reynoso and for that, we salute her.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why Kristen didn’t make the cut for Jack’s Tattoo Madness but ever since the whole Yoshinora Beef Bowl incident here at JACK, they don’t let me make ANY decisions.

But fret not Kristen. You were born free and you will always be that way and at the very least, you have a stunning piece of tattoo majesty that no one can ever take away from you. And for that, we salute you again and leave you with this…




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