applebees [JACKed Up News] And In Other News, Applebees Gets A Baby Drunk

Tim Boyle / Getty Images

Under the pretense that a restaurant ridden with tandem bicycles and select highlights from the 1996 Crockett Rockets football season, Mom, Dad, and little Dominic enjoyed their Applebee’s appetizer platter with smiles on their faces.

Just another day in the neighborhood, right? Not exactly.

Amid the tepid atmosphere that is the pride and joy of Applebee’s everywhere, one Applebuddy made a mix-up that caused a little boy to consume a margarita. No, not a delicious Virgin Main Street ‘Rita with signature swirls, but a straight-up margarita with top shelf liquor.

The parents didn’t realize the mix-up at first; they assumed Dominic was drinking the apple juice they had ordered. But when little Dominic started waving “HI HI” and “BYE BYE” to the restaurant walls, the parents knew something was wrong.

Dominic’s parents examined the glass and realized the mistake. By this time, Dominic was drunk, passing out face-down in his WonTon Tacos. The restaurant manager offered his sincerest apologies and claimed full responsibility of the flub, calling the incident “unacceptable.”

Dominic was quickly rushed to the hospital where he was found to have a blood alcohol content level of .10. Today, Dominic is fine… but the parents have since changed the family’s diet. No more Applebee’s Friday, only Car-Side-To-Go Tuesdays.

[Source: Gawker]

Comments (4)
  1. Rainey says:

    Its sad, but whats sadder is when I order a drink at Applebees there is never any alcohol in it.

  2. Joseph says:

    only enough alcohol in their drinks to make babies drunk.

  3. kelly m says:

    sad im glad hes fine but they could at least offer to send money to childrens hopital.that would be nice.:)

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