Dumpy Little Building Hits All New Low

     jeo 007 Dumpy Little Building Hits All New Low
The Dumpy Little Building in Beautiful Downtown Culver City may have hit a new all time low, OR all time dumpy-ness high today…you tell us….

As most offices have, the Dumpy Little Building has a water cooler. And today, this sign appeared on it…

jeo 0021 Dumpy Little Building Hits All New Low

If you can’t read the sign it says, “Water rationing. Last bottle for now. Go easy.” Really? We can’t even afford WATER anymore? Jeeeeeeeeeeeeesus. And if that wasn’t enough, some jokester expressed their feelings about the JACK FM Copier/Printer by the kitchen…
jeo 006 Dumpy Little Building Hits All New Low

When the saying “Dumpy Little Building” started, it was more of a jest than a statement of fact. But now? Well after the feral cat infestation of ’05-06, the back-yard fire of ’08the fumigation tenting of February ’11, and now the insufficient water funds and piece o’ shat copier calamity of April ’11 we think that maybe, just maybe, this might just be a TRUE, Dumpy Little Building in the most literal of senses.

And you thought your office building sucked.


One Comment

  1. James says:

    Not to be too nerdy or anything – ok like I care – but studies have found that if you constantly refer to a person or thing a certain way, people tend to eventually take the view that it IS indeed that way. So let’s say the people that pay the water bill have been hearing about the building over the intercom and hold music several times a day for years on end… they might just start treating it that way.

    Start calling it “The Most Awesome Building in Downtown Culver City” instead, and in 3-4 years, thank me with loads of freebies!

  2. Chris says:

    Well, at my husbands work someone took a “dump” in a bucket and left it in the break/lunch room. I wonder what sign you guys would put on that?

  3. Rockin'Robert says:

    Well…to ‘Paree’-phrase ol’ Marie Antoinette (remember the French Revolution?) “What! No water? Let them drink soda!”
    Free The Water!!!!!!

  4. Sara :) says:

    Is it wrong that I just peed cuz I laughed so hard?

  5. evie says:

    Use the toilet water!

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