american flag man The Internet Responds To Osama, Obama

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The information highway is a thing of the past. With more advancements in new media every day, perhaps a more appropriate title for our precious internet would be The Social-Media Light Rail. Plus that’s a pretty cool image if you close  your eyes and pretend.

On televisions worldwide, President Barack Obama announced Osama bin Laden’s death at 11:35 P.M. EDT, May 1st, 2011. Less than twelve hours later, members of our socially network bound society flooded the internet with proclamations, polls, parodies and comics in response.

Here are some recent publications seen in our digital world…

Osama bin Laden has fallen. What say you, internet?

Twitter Responds

twitter ghostobama The Internet Responds To Osama, Obama

Twitter celebrities and fictional persona alike respond to the news in 140 characters or less. Everybody from The New York Times to The Rock to The Ghost Of Osama chime in with their two cents.

And then there is the story of an IT consultant who unwittingly live-tweeted the US assault on Osama’s compound while stationed in Abbottabad Lahore Pakistan. Responds

fbi osama The Internet Responds To Osama, Obama

Dear Webmaster,

We can only imagine how good it must have felt to make this change on Federal Bureau of Investigation’s “Most Wanted” page.

We like the new layout and would like to see more changes like it.


YouTube Responds

hitler reacts The Internet Responds To Osama, Obama

As far as we can tell, YouTube is 50% cat videos and 49% dudes getting kicked in the nuts. That other 1% is usually a parody of one thing or another. These satires can be garbage or gold – it’s really a coin-toss at that point.

One parody found its way to us and we couldn’t help but laugh. Hitler Reacts To… is a popular satire of the pivotal scene from Der Untergang. In the original scene, Hitler finds out Germany’s defeat is near and subsequently falls into a hysterical nervous breakdown.

In this satire, Hitler finds out Osama bin Laden has been killed and subsequently falls into a temper tantrum.

Google Maps Responds

google maps The Internet Responds To Osama, Obama

Perhaps in one of the most bizarre interpretations of bin Laden’s death, Google Maps added Osama bin Laden’s Compound as a location.

The reviews are pouring in, and they’re not flattering.

Taiwanese Animators Respond

taiwanese animators obama The Internet Responds To Osama, Obama

Taiwanese continues to crank out news briefs as animated shorts. Surely you’ve seen their coverage – whether it was the Leno/Conan Debate, TSA’s increase in security, or Charlie Sheen’s breakdown, they’re odd interpretation of the news is hard to miss.

Here is their version of the historical event.

Warning: Video contains graphic content. Responds

tmz The Internet Responds To Osama, Obama

And then there’s Pseudo-news and trade gossip at its finest, this entertainment source decidedly took a different approach. In the aftermath of President Obama’s speech, the publication asked its readers:

“If you’re Michelle Obama… is there a more powerful aphrodisiac than the fact that your husband just hunted down and killed the most evil man on the planet???”


Memes Respond

obama meme The Internet Responds To Osama, Obama

Eric Thayer / Getty Images


We’d love to show you some of the comics the internet has created, but legally we’re not allowed to post them on our site.


[Source: The Daily What]


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