cranfill tequila And Thats Why You Always Check With Legal First...

Sure, Dr. Cranfill. Go ahead and drink at work, Dr. Cranfill. Make a LIVE MARGARITA CAM, Dr. Cranfill.

Little did we realize Cinco de Mayo was spanish for “Legal-wont-let-you-have-any-fun-while-you’re-in-the-office of May.”


We really wanted to drink today.

cranfill tequila 3 And Thats Why You Always Check With Legal First...

After a fierce battle, our HR Rep commandeered our lone bottle of tequila. We weren’t prepared to drink a Virgin Nyquil Margarita, so unfortunately we conceded to the whims of Corporate and were forced to scrap our dreams of a drunken work day.

cranfill tequila 2 And Thats Why You Always Check With Legal First...

Although it’s funny – a sober Dr. Cranfill wrestled a lady over booze, and that’s what we predicted would happen on Margarita Cam.


Comments (8)
  1. hollywoodpr says:

    Hey Jack stand up for who you are and check out the new video from Greek American rock pop artist Electra

  2. mig says:

    forget the bottle, whos the HR rep???

  3. me says:

    But HR can wear a low cut super short dress and flip flops??

  4. Lester Szego says:

    I’d pay a dollar to wrestle with her… 🙂 She is Smoookin’ Hot!!!

  5. vaderbot says:

    ….It’s why men do stuff secretly.

  6. Gina Champagne says:

    LOL! I didn’t know that either….:)

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