Hugh Grant Says No, Ashton Kutcher Says Yes, Chuck Lorre Says OK!

charlie sheen ashton kutcher1 Hugh Grant Says No, Ashton Kutcher Says Yes, Chuck Lorre Says OK!

Getty Images (Ethan Miller & Francois Durand)

We thought they were saving this announcement for May 21st…

Charlie Sheen’s winning streak is coming to an end. Two And A Half Men has found its new… one man! Because without another star, who would watch the new season of One And A Half Men? That just makes us think of a dude missing some limbs.

Ashton Kutcher has the power of Twitter behind him. At 6:30PM on May 12th, 6.7 million followers were treated to tweet:

“What’s the square root of 6.25?”

The answer is 2.5! As in two and a half! As in Two And A Half Men, the number one sitcom on your favorite number one station.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that a deal with Mr. Kutcher ”is said to be all but signed.” This is great news for fans of the show, which will return now for season 9. Cast members Jon Cryer and August T. Jones will be coming back as well.

While Kutcher will be replacing Sheen, the young buck will not be replacing Sheen’s character Charlie Harper. Rather, Chuck Lorre went ahead and conjured up a storyline that would fit Ashton Kutcher’s new role. And according to Lorre, the story is… “really funny… people are going to love it.

Sounds like Ashton Kutcher is the savior for Two And A Half Men! Unless this is some sort of elaborate Punk’d prank. Ah crap. Damn you Ashton… damn you and your dreamy face!

[Source: Deadline Hollywood, TMZ]


One Comment

  1. Gina Champagne says:

    I agree with you on this one this better not be a Punk’d joke cause I would be one to watch if he were to seal the deal…:)

  2. shawn says:

    I think he would look to much like the kid and it would look like dudes ex cheated on him with his brother and got pregnant so I think it would not be a good thing to have ashton kutcher on that show unless they want to make it look like that

  3. Sic Duc says:

    Kill it now before Lorre and crew screw up a good thing! Or have the balls to settle it with Charlie!

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