mickey seals Disneys Patent For SEAL TEAM Six Includes Games, TV Shows, And... Snow Globes?

Getty Images (Frederick M. Brown & John Moore)

Seal Team Six – The Saturday Morning Cartoon.

Come on Disney. We know you’re a conglomeration that thrives on the hopes and dreams of children and adults alike, but don’t you think you may have overstepped your boundaries on this one?

Remember when news came that the Navy’s elite SEAL Team 6 took out Osama in Pakistan? Well, while you were out celebrating the fall of America’s number one terrorist, Disney was at the attorney’s office, filing an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for use of the term “SEAL Team 6.”

Yup. Disney was scheming, cooking up their next project for their fan base. What would it be this time? Jonas Brothers Meet SEAL Team Six? A Miley Cyrus/Navy SEAL uniform hybrid? Or would we see Disneyworld build a Training Camp theme park?

Fortunately, overalls and night-vision goggles clash, and Disney has since withdrawn their claim. When news came that the Navy countered Disney by, “filing two trademark applications of its own for the names ‘Navy SEALS’ and ‘SEAL Team.'”, the cartoon powerhouse deferred to the Navy.

Too bad. We wanted to collect all the SEAL Team 6 snow globes.

[Source: LA Times]


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