People are pretty excited with yesterday’s announcement from Nintendo revealing a follow-up to their popular Wii console – they’re calling it the Wii U.

What makes the new Nintendo Wii U such a crazy console is its controller. It’s got a 6 inch touch screen display that will work in conjunction with your television to create a new layer of gameplay.

On top of that the new console will match (or possibly surpass) the PS3 and XBOX 360 in terms of graphical prowess.

There aren’t a whole lot of details regarding the Wii U just yet, but we’re gonna keep our eyes on this one.

Since this is clearly Nintendo’s craziest console ever,  it seemed like the right thing to do was find the craziest covers of the iconic Super Mario theme song and submit them for review.

There are some ridiculously talented musicians out there. We’re just glad they don’t have better things to do than find crazy ways to play a nostalgic childhood classic.

Click on after the break to see an 11 string bass rendition of the Super Mario Theme and more.

We weren’t even aware that 11 string bass guitars existed, but this guy sure makes us glad that they do exist.

Beatboxing and playing the flute at the same time might only be possible if you’ve got a sweet ‘stash like this guy.

With 38 million views this guy and his two guitars sound amazing.

We can’t even begin to imagine how long this took to set up and get right, but we’re glad they did it.

Also those guys must’ve been wasted after downing all those bottles. Respect.


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