Jack’s Summer School has already taught us the Worst Transformers of all time, but how could we call ourselves fair and balanced if we didn’t tell the other side of the story?

Transformers Dark Side of the Moon is only weeks away from premiering, and qualifying Summer School attendees will be treated with free tix to the show.

We figured its been a while since the last Transformers flick came out, and you might need a refresher course on who the coolest cats in the Transformers world are. Don’t worry, Jack’ll take care of ya.

Name: Bumblebee

Allegiance: Autobots

Transforms into: A freaking sweet car.

His name may sound cutesy, but he’ll kick your butt then take you to the hospital in style.

sixshot Greatest Transformers Ever Transformed!

Name: Sixshot

Allegiance: Deceptacons

Transforms into: robot, a spaceship, a gun, a tank, an off road vehicle, and a winged wolf!

Tell me that isn’t a useful guy to have on your team?

Name: Optimus Prime

Allegiance: He’s the freaking leader of the AUTOBOTS!

Transforms into: An 18 wheeler

Optimus Prime is the autobot who made us think truckers were cool, because any one of them could without warning turn into an 80 foot fighting robot, and that’s pretty cool.

unicron Greatest Transformers Ever Transformed!

Name: Unicron

Allegiance: Unicron just wants to destroy stuff, he doesn’t really have any allegiance. Maybe Deceptacons…

Transforms into: A PLANET.

Unicron is the world destroying Transformer who was the villain in the original Transformers Movie back in 1986. He’s as big as a planet, and generally spends his time trying to destroy the Universe.

Name: Megatron

Allegiance: Leader of the evil Deceptacons

Transforms into: A gun

The video above is of Megatron transforming into a gun and jumping into Starscream’s hand. Definetly a good transformation for an evil villain.

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