titanic [Jacked Up News] Man Names Boat Titanic II, Sinks On Maiden Voyage

Oli Scarff / Getty Images

Mark Wilkinson had to cut his fishing trip short...

The worried glares of onlookers pierced the back of his head, just as the 6″ square pierced the fibre-glass hull of Titanic II. As Captain, he tried to pump the water out of the boat’s hull, but the nightmare wouldn’t end.

As Wilkinson abandoned ship, he watched his beauty sink under the unforgiving waves, and thought to himself:

“What the hell was I thinking!”

That’s why you don’t play with fate, dude.

Wilkinson should have known better. Why would anyone name their ship after such a disaster?

“It’s all a bit embarrassing,” he recalls. “And I got pretty fed up with people asking me if I had hit an iceberg.”

One eye-witness put it perfectly: “It wasn’t a very big boat – I think an ice-cube could have sunk it!”

For realtime photos of the sinking ship, click here.

[Source: Metro UK]


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