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Whenever we think of the Fourth of July, we think of fireworks. But lo and behold- not every country is celebrating this holiday alongside us.

Did you know that?? We had no idea we were the only country celebrating USA’s Independence Day!

So why not check out some of the greatest Fireworks displays seen ’round the globe, on or not on July 4th.

Ever wonder where fireworks came from? We know you did, so we went out of our way to do the hard-work of copying & pasting the entire History of Fireworks article from Wikipedia.

And who says Americans aren’t lazy!

“The earliest documentation of fireworks dates back to 7th century China where they were first used to frighten away evil spirits with their loud sound and to pray for happiness and prosperity.

Chinese children grow up with folk stories about one-footed monsters who could be scared away by roasting bamboo for the purpose of producing a loud bang. Eventually the art and science of firework making developed into an independent profession.

96639829 The Best Fireworks Displays Around The World

In ancient China, pyrotechnicians (firework-masters) were respected for their knowledge and skill in mounting dazzling displays of light and sound. A record in 1264 states that the speed of the rocket-propelled ‘ground-rat’ firework frightened the Empress Dowager Gong Sheng during a feast held in her honor by her son Emperor Lizong of Song (r. 1224-1264). By the 14th century rocket propulsion was common in warfare, as evidenced by the Huolongjing compiled by Liu Ji (1311-1375) and Jiao Yu (fl. c. 1350-1412).

However, in China, fireworks for ceremonies and celebrations were mostly for royalties and the rich before the 14th century. It was only in the Ming Dynasty that any event for common people — a birth, a wedding, a business opening, or a New Year’s Eve celebration — became a fitting occasion for fireworks and other noisemakers.

98764762 The Best Fireworks Displays Around The World

Amédée-François Frézier published a “Treatise on Fireworks” in 1706, covering the recreational and ceremonial uses of fireworks, rather than their military uses. The book became a standard text for fireworks makers.”

[Source: Wikipedia]


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