How much do you know about the Chief Boot Knocka?  It’s time to learn more about [lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]Sir Mix-A-Lot[/lastfm], one of the artists featured at Jack’s Sixth Show.

Check out Sir Mix-A-Lot at Jack’s Sixth Show!

Sir Mix-A-Lot was born August 12, 1963 in Seattle Washington to proud parents Jan and Dave Mix-A-Lot.  From a very young age, it was clear that Buttermilk Biscuits were his favorite food, and his favorite activity was Square Dancing.

Mix-A-Lot even wanted to make a career of Square Dancing, but an injury to his Swass Muscle ended that dream at the age of 14.  Still, this provided him with quite a bit of material for his first Rap Album in 1988.

Then in 1989, Mix-A-Lot met and spent a lot of time with guru Tony Robbins.  Impressed with the power of positive thinking, and Robbins’s ability to have hundreds pay to attend his conferences, Mix-A-Lot held his own Seminar in 1989, and released the audio portion as his second album.

It was finally in 1992 that Mix-A-Lot found his way into Superstardom.  For years, magazines such as GQ, Forbes and Omni had been publishing articles with titles like “Flat Butts Are ALL The Thing.”  Mix-A-Lot  became tired of it.

This is when he released “Baby Got Back,” which included some helpful mechanical advice about Hondas, a scathing critique of Jane Fonda’s workout videos, and a review of an Ice Cube movie five years before it’s release.

However, today’s classic is from the Sir Mix-A-Lot‘s first album, and talks about the crew he grew up with in Seattle.  After all, his Posse is on Broadway


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