[Jacked Up News] Despite Jeopardy, Alex Trebek Pursues Justice

A: Alex Trebek.

Q: You see this cat Trebek is a bad mother–
(Shut your mouth)
But I’m talkin’ about Alex
(Then we can dig it)

Still cool, even without the ‘stache.

During a reprieve in San Fransisco, Alex Trebek snapped his Achilles tendon while running a burglar out from his hotel room. Despite stealing cash, a bracelet and other items from Trebek’s room, the female thief couldn’t break free from our favorite trivia host.

When the swindler was finally apprehended and tackled,  she screamed, “Leave me alone!!” to which Trebek responded:

“I’m sorry, but you need to answer in the form of question… TO MY FISTS!”

Or something like that. Our made-up sources are not the most reliable. Here’s what the AP has to say about the incident:

“San Francisco police Lt. Troy Dangerfield says 56-year-old old Lucinda Moyers was arrested on suspicion of felony burglary and receiving stolen property. The cash and bracelet haven’t been found but other items were recovered. Dangerfield says officers found several items near the hotel ice machine.

“The 71-year-old Trebek tells KGO-TV that he also injured his other leg while falling down during the chase early Wednesday. He was on crutches later Wednesday when he hosted the National Geographic World Championship at Google headquarters in Mountain View.”

[Source: Yahoo!]


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