Famous “6″ Of The Week: The Lowercase “b”

6 pack letter b Famous 6″ Of The Week: The Lowercase b

Image Credit: MSJ

Screw you, “a”! Get outta here, “c”!

Err’body knows that “b” as a badass. The bodacious letter that blesses the beginning of the ABC‘s. Not the ADC’s, not the AEC’s, not even the AZC’s. B, baby – it’s what’s for binner.

And did you know you can substitute the number “6” for a “b” and no6ody can tell the difference? It’s real. We didn’t make that up.

Check out Keller William‘s poem “Galavanting” as proof:

6ig, 6ad, 6eautiful 6lue

6ubbling, 6ellowing 6reath of 6liss.

6ig, 6ad, 6eautiful 6lue

6etter and 6low the 6rain a kiss….

We can’t even tell the difference! How ‘6out that?

[Source: Lyricszoo.com]


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Famous 6 of the Week: The Six-Pack


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