picnik collage11 Top 6 Hottest WWE Divas Of All Time!!!
Photo Credit/ Yer Mom

WWE’s SUMMER SLAM Main Event comes to the Staples Center in Los Angeles this Sunday, August 14th and what better way to celebrate America’s REAL past-time than counting down the top 6 Hottest WWE Diva’s of all time?

6) Sunny– AKA, Tammy Lynn Sytch set the mold for pretty much all WWE Diva’s to follow in the mid to late 90’s. Athletic, blonde, and ridiculously hot. Sunny was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in April of this year….Big salute to one of the originals…
sunny Top 6 Hottest WWE Divas Of All Time!!!

5) Layla El– Some purists would bitch that I would put Layla in this list but screw them. I took the time out of my busy day to look up pictures of hot WWE diva’s and I’ll put who I damn well please. Layla, of Moroccan and Spanish descent is also British so she has the whole accent thing working for her in addition to having those highly coveted back dimples I like so much. Yeah, Layla’s totally making my top 6.

Layla is currently inactive due to an injury. Hurry back Layla….I miss you.
layla Top 6 Hottest WWE Divas Of All Time!!!

4) Kelly Kelly– Current WWE Diva Champion Kelly Kelly may have about the most perfect female body in the history of ever. Seriously. I all but pass out every Monday when she comes prancing out in whatever get up she has on. What she lacks in nickname creativity she makes up for in so many other arenas.
12402 Top 6 Hottest WWE Divas Of All Time!!!

3) Mickie James– While Mickie might be my personal favorite out of all of these Diva’s, I couldn’t in good conscience put her in front the ladies coming in at #1 and #2. Mickie? Seriously. Whatever douchebagguette you are currently dating or are married to is a putz. I am not a putz and can be reached at (323) 937-9331. Just ask for Dr. Cranfill.
Mickie James now competes in Impact Wrestling on Spike TV on Thursday nights.
mickie james 011 Top 6 Hottest WWE Divas Of All Time!!!

2) Stacey Keibler– This is all I need to say about Stacey Keibler….42 inch legs. Super wow, herp derp…what was I saying?
stacykeibler 185 Top 6 Hottest WWE Divas Of All Time!!!

and could there be anybody else at #1 other than Trish Stratus? The answer I was looking for is no. No disrespect to Ms. Elizabeth but Trish Stratus is THE WWE Diva. 8 time champion and current co-host of the WWE reality show, Tough Enough. Trish? Take a bow chicka. You earned it.
trish stratus 3 Top 6 Hottest WWE Divas Of All Time!!!

Comments (2)
  1. david says:

    ohhh yes all 6 very HOT ! and dont forget Michelle McCool and LITA

  2. Troy says:

    No mention of Torrie Wilson, Sable, Miss Kitty (also known as ‘The Kat’) or Dawn Marie? EPIC fail, ma man.

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