Jack FM’s Old Skool Joint of the Week – Double XX Posse

Before The Most Interesting Man In the World became the CEO of Dos Equis, he bankrolled a rap group in the early 90’s.

Born Dwanye Alisando Hector Mountain Dew Camacho in 1929 (and later licensing his name for use in the movie Idiocracy),  The Most Interesting Man in the World had a very interesting beginning to his life.  His mother conceived him via immaculate conception, and, giving birth to him a mere two months later, could not afford to raise a son.  So, she left him in the woods to be raised by wolves and pumas and junk.

Camacho thrived, becoming the leader of ALL those types of animals (and probably Zonkeys or something too).  His rise to power inspired this legendary shirt.

Unfortunately, all history of Camacho’s life between 1945 and 1989 has been redacted by the U.S. Government.

But, he did surface again behind the scenes as a producer for the rap group [lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]Double XX Posse[/lastfm], using his Double XX trademark that he always used for his preferred beer.  With the money and connections (including some royalty from the Bel Aire hamlet) from just this one hit, Camacho was able to become CEO of Diageo North America (who bottle Dos Equis)  and achieve the fame and wealth he had always dreamed off while leading the Pumas in the jungle.  And today we honor that song.

The Old Skool Joint of the Week is….

“Not Gonna Be Able To Do It”


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