Burger King, the fast food chain that typically has the shortest drive thru lines at 2 am, is (finally) shutting out their intentionally creepy mascot, The King.

We’re blaming this one on you, Ronald…

Burger King is under new ownership, new management and has hired a new marketing team and these folks have wasted no time implementing plans to update and reinvigorate the once popular fast food chain.

Long live the King, no more.

Though beloved in the past, Burger King’s sales have slumped while chief rival McDonald’s has seen modest growth.

[pullquote quote=”People want a reason to go back to Burger King… There are no plans to bring the King back anytime soon.” credit=”Sr. Vice President Alex Maccedo”]

Burger King’s new team plans to introduce a new burger to their menu, the California Whopper, which will distinguish itself from the traditional Whopper with the addition of guacamole.

It seems that Burger King’s mascot days are over, their new ad campaign will focus entirely on their ingredients, their quality, and will show only the washing, dicing and cooking of their burgers.

[Source: Forbes]

Guacamole on a burger is always delicious, but it’s too bad about the King. Of course, we never like the King as much as we liked past Burger King mascots like Kid Vid and IQ.

Let’s just hope Burger King’s new ad campaign is as entertaining as these classic BK commercials…

BK Ad Banned in New Zealand

This was banned in New Zealand? Prudes. It’s just three girls enjoying a burger.

*AWESOME* Kid Vid Burger King Ad

Wow, we didn’t actually remember the BK commercials being so appetizing back in the day. We’re surprised they ever abandoned Kid Vid and the Kid’s Club Crew.

I AM MAN – Surprisingly Good BK Ad

These commercials from the days before the King are actually really good, It’s surprising that they abandoned their old ad team to start those King commercials.

The Simpsons Movie BK Ad

We love pretty much anything with The Simpsons in it, luckily this one is easy to like because it’s quite well done.

The King – Reverse Pickpocket

And of course, our absolute favorite BK commercial featuring the King. RIP mighty monarch, you will not be forgotten.


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