Whether she is figuring out what song you heard on Jack FM or commanding you to attend Jack-tivities, Tami Heide can do it all without breaking a sweat.

What can you say about Tami Heide that she hasn’t already said about herself? Before coming to Jack FM, she was at KROQ in Los Angeles and WBCN in Boston. On the air even!

But enough about her, let’s talk about you.

What do you think of her? Is that really her real name? And what’s the name of that one song JACK FM plays?

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  1. bradford says:

    I’m trying to find this Pantera song that has the lryics “Been put through the test. Your mind laid to rest ” … Tami Help me …

  2. Johanne says:

    what is the name of the song that says “drinking whiskey from the bottle , listening to sweet home Alabama all summer long”

    1. Jennifer says:

      Pantera – Psycho Holiday

    2. Jennifer says:

      Kid Rock – All Summer Long

  3. nat says:

    susie …….la la la la la well susie

  4. JC says:

    Can someone help me out with a song? it played on saturday dec. 10 at around 11 pm. I believe it was after a nirvana song and before “the things we do for love”.

    1. Jessie says:

      hahah thank you mrs. heide!

  5. Anna W............ says:

    I want to win tickets to see ……. Lenny Kravitz LIVE – Black and white America.

    Hi James, how are You? thank You very much for everything. I am still taking Honey Lemon drops and i feel better. I am sending a kiss for You.
    I Love You. Good night.

  6. A.G.E says:

    TAMIE looks likes Goldie tomorrow us the 11 should be a interest ing day stock up

  7. eye in the sky old and wise signing out…why….think of a robert palmer song….got it????? you get an ADABOY AWARD damn you’re good!

  8. Anna W............ says:

    Hi Jack fm ,it is me .How are You? Thank You very much.
    I am sending a hug for You. I L U . Have a good night.

  9. Anyone know this?

    Male vocals; Sounds like Morrissey; Probably 80s; It’s a rather lively happy song with a catchy organ chorus.

  10. Paula Estrada says:

    My husband was listening to the your station today (02/28) at about 8:30am and there was a segment about THE VOICE. He says there was a girl playing the guitar kinda country music-ish. What is the name of that song?

  11. she truly is a roman goddess………….aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

    1. remielmarcus says:

      Roman Goddess…..aaaaarrrrrr!!!!

      1. Sung says:

        Why is Oregon Arizona being shown here in Upstate NY? I’m in Buffalo and there are a lot more Michigan and Michigan State people in Upstate than Oregon or Arizona and John Beilen has roots in Western NY. Sort of stngrae out of all the teams, Arizona is the best but still. Weird move by CBS.

  12. Anna W............ says:

    Hi Jack fm, it is Anna. How are You? Thank You very much . I like song , I heard on 3 / 2 / 12 few min. after 6:00 pm . I remember ” not alone I ain’t asking for much.. “.
    Song played before :” Basket Case ” and ” When Doves Cry ” was played after.
    I am sending a hug for You. I L U. Have a good night.

  13. good pm roman goddess… that song …the joker!!!!!!!!

  14. dawn says:

    tami you have the sexiest voice ever 😛

  15. igzz says:

    Good AM roman goddess…damn this sunburn……at least i have a nice color……..

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