Rock stars have been booted from the stage for centuries. Long acts, crude lyrics, loud guitars, late nights… all good reasons watch our favorite musician get torn away from the stage in a fit of brilliance to the rancorous applause of a crowd wanting more.

So when Billie Jo refuses to hike up his baggin’, saggin’ pants at the airport, it’s about as close as we’ll get to an encore.

[Source: US Magazine]

Billie Jo Armstrong is the latest celebrity to earn whatever-the-opposite-of-the-mile-high badge is; he was kicked off the plane before take-off, like so many of our favorite celebrities have done in the past couple of years.

Was it for throwing his guitar into the crowd? Was he crowd-surfing the tarmac? Nope. He wore “baggy jeans,” which is apparently offensive to the Southwest Airlines staff.

Don’t worry Billy – you’re not the only one who has committed such in injustice. Think of all the other celebrities who have gotten booted from the plane for semi-ridiculous reasons…

trans Green Day Red In The Face As Full Moon Hits Blue Sky

Gerard Depardieu for peein’ on the floor

You know the drill – you must stay in your seat during take-off and landing. But what if you have to pee?? Hold it, that’s what you do. Unfortunately, Gerard thought he was above the law and went ahead and did it on the floor.


Kevin Smith for being too fat

Did you know that most airlines have a “customers of size policy?” Kevin Smith did, and while he bought two tickets for two seats for his too fat arse, the airline still found a way to kick him out.


Josh Duhamel for texting

There’s a reason they call ’em Crackberries… sometimes you just can’t put it down. Unfortunately for the Transformers actor, texting during take-off is means for departure.


That one guy who pulled the Emergency Slide

Everybody has that one day at work where they think they’re just gonna snap – Steven Slater definitely had one of those days. After arguing with a passenger, getting hit on the head with luggage and telling the airline to F— off, he exited the plane in the most glorious way imaginable: on the emergency slide in handcuffs.


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