Here at Jack FM, we like to celebrate beauty. And beauty comes in all shapes and forms: a butterfly on a spring flower, a perfectly formed sculpture in a park, or a babe with long hair and a nice booty. As we all know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We just prefer them with cataracts.

7. Raquel Welch

This foxy little vixen may not be our number one, but we obviously couldn’t resist her seductive smile and vivacious curves. Meow!

6. Susan Sarandon

Oh Sassy Susan, you definitely made this list. Like a peach, Susie only seems to get sweeter with age and we can’t get enough.

5. Helen Mirren

Why heeello there, Helen. Yes, we saw Calender Girls. And not just once.

4. Tina Turner

What DOES love have to do with it when you’re a babe like Tina? This Queen Bee comes in as fourth as one of our favorite sexy little kittens.

3. Carly Simon

Talk about style and grace, Carly Simon has both and still rocks the pants off of Jack FM as we dance in front of the mirror to “You’re So Vain.”

2. Jane Fonda

Those workout videos obviously worked out for Jane Fonda. Otherwise Jack FM would never have even looked twice.

1. Bo Derek

Bo Derek might be a perfect ten, but she comes in as number one for Jack FM’s list of Hot Older Ladies. Congrats Bo, you did it!

This list was brought to you by Jack FM’s sassy, yet classy, taste in women. Believe us, we know what we’re doing when it comes to women. (Actually we just copy and pasted this list from off the internet. We really have no idea what we’re doing with women. We usually shrink into a corner and drool uncontrollably when a beautiful woman walks into the room.)

Stay tuned for Part Deux!


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