So with Halloween mere weeks away, Sticker Pimp Rich $ took the time to review some scenes from movies that make his skin crawl. Obviously we all have different triggers for what makes something inside of us go WHAT! ….. and here are his.

10:  Candyman

When Helen Lyle played by Virginia Madsen summons the Candyman for some reason it always freaked me out. Maybe it’s my lack of a sweet tooth, but I don’t want the Candyman anywhere near me.

9: Blair Witch Project

Try growing up in a small town where everything looks like this and watch The Blair Witch Project before going to sleep, bad idea.

8: Stephen King’s It

I don’t like clowns, and after seeing It, I REALLY don’t like clowns.

Is your skin crawling yet?

7: Paranormal Activity

The whole movie builds to this one final scene, and it worked. Thank you for my inability to sleep next to anyone ever again.

6: The Shining

They’re few things that make me want to run and hide than a creepy child. Take Danny from the Shining for instance.

5: The Exorcist

Again with the creepy kids! Why did I do this to myself?

Are you man enough to make it #1?

4: Trainspotting

I realize Trainspotting isn’t really a horror movie, but you try to sleep after seeing a baby crawl on the ceiling.

3: The Ring

After watching The Ring in theaters it took me a good solid week before I could watch TV without fearing Samara was going to come and join me on the couch.

2: Requiem for a Dream

I know, I know it’s not a horror movie, but I can’t watch this movie within 7 hours of trying to go to sleep without waking up to a urine soaked bed.

One more…. if you dare!

1: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

You tell me Tim Curry in lingerie DOESN’T freak you out… then you have no soul and are a much better person than I.

Well that’s it. Now I wont be able to sleep for a week. Sweet Dreams everyone!


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