In a recent poll conducted by the Cats Protection charity, 1,000 feline owners between the ages of five and seventy years old were surveyed about their pets. Little did the Cats Protection charity know what harrowing facts they were about to uncover…

Pringle, Saffron, Sushi, and Jellybean?! Cabbage and Captain Haddock?? Waffle, Pancake, and Toastie?!

What the hell is going on?!

[pullquote quote= “It is a move away from the traditional human names that most owners used to give their cats.” credit=”Karen Thompson”] Deputy manager at the National Cat Adoption Centre, Karen Thompson, said it best:

“As well as some bizarre names such as Ichabod, Laiq and Naquiba, we were surprised by the huge number of suggestions related to refreshments.”

That’s right – while people are alike all over, cat lovers across the pond will dismiss names like Fluffy or Sergeant Snugglepuss for the richer namesake of Raspberry Marmalade or Toaster Strudel.

While the results came as a shock to some, the Brits did discover that the tastiest name for 2011 was Pilchard. As in this delicacy, not Bob the Builder’s kitty.

Brits – when not naming their cats after something delicious, they’re naming their cats after Cornish sardines. Do you think they have any idea what kind of mental scarring that does to a cat?

We don’t care what they say – we still love you, Pringles.

[Source: Telegraph]


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