Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Investment Strategies Week 7

cranfillheads Dr. Cranfills NFL Investment Strategies Week 7
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So far the 2011 NFL Season has been harder to understand than Rick Perry at a GOP debate. Sorry Texas, your boy is a moron. The Bills are Raiders are good but the Colts and Eagles suck? After a couple of sub par weeks of picks I think I have figured out this nincompoopery and am ready to deliver you 4 winners in this, week 7 of the NFL….

bucsnbearse Dr. Cranfills NFL Investment Strategies Week 7
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Chicago Bears (PK)

Most of Vegas is calling this a pick em game since its being played in foggy Londontown. Some even have the Bears as a 1 point favorite. That’s nuttier than squirrel turds if you ask me. Two of the Bears 3 wins came against the 1-5 Vikings and another against the 1-5 Carolina Panthers. The Bucs have two losses. One against the 5-1 Lions, the other against the 5-1 49ers. But Vegas thinks this is a pick em game? Factor in Bears QB Jay Cutler hates his offensive co-ordinator and several Bears players have ongoing contract disputes and I gotta tell you, no way I see the Bears even competing in this game much less winning. Take the Bucs and yes Wendy, I remember I owe you 5 shots of Jager.

broncosnfins1 Dr. Cranfills NFL Investment Strategies Week 7
Denver Broncos vs Miami Dolphins (PK)

Again, Vegas is going with a pick em here in the Battle of the Truly Pathetic. (Denver 1-4), Miami (0-5). This could be round 1 of the Suck for Luck campaign this year in the NFL. Denver does have Jesus Poster Boy Tim Tebow starting at QB for them this week but here’s the thing. Games’ in Florida, or as I like to call it, Gods Waiting Room. Old people move to Florida to die and sorry Timmay, but Jesus is going to be busy answering prayers from octogenarians and isn’t going to have time to answer your Hail Mary. Take the Dolphins to get their first W of the season and thereby hurting their chances to land Andrew Luck in the draft.

jetsnbolts Dr. Cranfills NFL Investment Strategies Week 7

New York Jets (-2) vs San Diego Super Chargers

A West Coast Team traveling to play on the East Coast usually spells L-O-S-S. Add in the fact the Jets are undefeated at home and the Chargers one loss came on the road..in New England no less, you would think this is a slam dunk pick of the Jets. But I got this feeling…in my gut. That feeling may just be the fact I ate two Vicodins this morning on an empty stomach and just pounded a Red Bull but I am going to pretend its the football gods telling me to fly in the face of statistics and evidence and take the Chargers to win outright.

radisnchefs1 Dr. Cranfills NFL Investment Strategies Week 7

Oakland RAAAAIIIIIIIDERS (-4.5) vs Kansas City Chiefs

This is a tough, tough game to call. Divisional rivalry. Raiders with a new QB in Carson Palmer. The Chiefs suck but have been playing better as of late, coming off a bye. Hmmm. This is why they call it gambling people. The way I see it, this game will go one of two ways. The Raiders are either going to go all Chris Brown v Rhianna on the Chiefs OR they are going to let em hang around a bit and a late TD will help the Chiefs cover this 4.5 spread. Screw it, lets gamble. Take the Chiefs to cover. Raiders 28-24.


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  1. Ray says:

    Wow, and Janikowski is questionable (left hamstring) not good.

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