It’s Halloween costume crunch time! Are you still looking for the perfect ensemble and don’t have a ton of money to spend? Well, you may already have what you need to make an awesome costume, or a cheap solution could be down the street.

97151236 10 Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Goodwill Store (Photo by Getty Images)

Look for a costume at a Goodwill Store:

For usually under $10, you can get a $200 costume at your local Goodwill store. They usually have racks full of clothes with Halloween costume potential, including old prom dresses, wedding gowns, princess outfits, superhero costumes, scrubs, “crazy jackets,” or orange T-shirts with Halloween slogans.

106057324 10 Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

AMC Series "The Walking Dead" Worldwide Zombie Invasion (Photo by Getty Images)


Why not be a homemade “Walking Dead” zombie? All you need to do is find some of your old, loose fitting light color clothes and stain them with tea. If you have some red food coloring laying around, you could always add random blood spots.

If you go to the Halloween section in any store, you can find white foundation and a black makeup crayon tube, which is usually cheap. Apply that, then mix up some flour and spread this in spots around your face and any exposed skin on your arms and legs and hands.  Use the black crayon type tube to add some darkness around your eyes and mouth.

Now throw some sticky hair spray in your hair and add some flour. It even helps if you don’t wash your hair beforehand. After all this, you’ll look pretty zombified!

3442325 10 Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

You get the idea from the guy dressed as an egg (Photo by Getty Images)

Human Egg

Wear all white. Attach (or paint) a yellow circle on your stomach. You are an egg.

1200983951 10 Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Men dressed as chefs (Photo by Getty Images)


Wear an apron and chef’s hat, and suddenly you’re a chef for Halloween. Everyone’s watching cooking shows nowadays.

112907826 10 Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Farmer (Photo by Getty Images)


There’s always the quick and easy farmer costume. Plaid shirts are in again, so wear one that’s red if you have one, find some old overalls or raggedy jeans, and pull out the dirty old work books. If you can find a straw hat or gather up some hay to put in your pockets, even better!

56040118 e1319821124558 10 Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Dressed as a cat (Photo by Getty Images)

Black Cat

Being a black cat for Halloween is classic and easy. As long as you can find all black clothing (sweatshirt/pants/gloves/shoes), all you’ll need is cat ears and a cat tail, which are pretty cheap at your local store.

You can even go all out and by some face paint to draw on whiskers and a nose. If you buy this once, you can reuse it in the future, and it’s easy to add layers if it’s cold outside.

53257408 10 Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Man dressed as devil (Photo by Getty Images)


We all have a little devil inside, and it’s really easy to dress like one for Halloween. Look for all the red clothing you have, and check out your local store for devil horns, a tail, and pitchfork. Usually these come in a package together, which is affordable and reusable.

107166047 e1319822076418 10 Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Girl dressed as angel (Photo by Getty Images)


Then there is the opposite of the devil; an angel. Find all the white clothing you have (sweatshirt/pants/gloves/shoes), and get a halo and wings at your local store. If you’re really desperate, you could always make a halo out of aluminum foil!

119264450 10 Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Men dressed at "The Blues Brothers" (Photo by Getty Images)

The Blues Brothers

Dressing as “The Blues Brothers” is an easy costume. All you need is a white collared shirt, black suit, black sunglasses, and a fedora (You can buy one of these or someone in your family may have one). You can use a sharpie to draw in some super sideburns and bring a harmonica along if you have one.

129803708 10 Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Harrison Ford in 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade', 1989. (Photo by Murray Close/Getty Images)

Indiana Jones

You can be adventurous and dress up like Indiana Jones. Find your Khaki pants, a collared shirt, leather jacket, a messenger bag, and a fedora. If you really want to go all out, buy a whip at your local Halloween store, but you may not get let into some parties if you’re carrying that around!


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