Dr. Cranfill’s Investment Strategies Week 8

Ugh. That’s the only PG word that describes how I feel about last weeks picks and games. Let’s see just how bad I was and then take a look at this weeks games in this, Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Investment Strategies Week 8…..I took the Dolphins to win their first game of the season vs the Tim Tebow led Broncos. What do they do? Blow a 15-0 lead with 2 minutes to go and lose. I took the Chargers to win against the Jets. What do they do? Blow a 21-6 2nd half lead. I took the Bucs to beat the Bears in London and they didn’t even bother boarding the plane for the game. My only win was the Chiefs MORE than covering against the Raiders. Wanna know what I thought about Week 7 in the NFL? This should explain it.

3934yu85yu4 Dr. Cranfills Investment Strategies Week 8

Moving on to Week 8.

gmenfins Dr. Cranfills Investment Strategies Week 8

New York Giants (- 10½) vs Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are absolutely terrible and I hate them. With a passion not seen since Mel Gibson made a movie about ol’ JC.   I hope everything bad in the world happens to them and only them. The temperature high for Sunday in New York is 52°. Everybody knows that the Delphinidae Delphis prefers tropical temps so I am saying, take the Giants to cover here and Miami? Why don’t you go ahead and swim back to South Beach with your tail fin between your non-existent legs? And while you’re at it, tell the writers of Dexter this season sucks because it does.

texjags Dr. Cranfills Investment Strategies Week 8

Houston Texans (-10) vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Lot of factors going on in this game. It’s a divisional match up. Jacksonville is coming off an impressive W against the Ravens, playing this game on a short week. Houston face-raped the Titans last week and looks to be one of the better teams in the AFC. Almost doesn’t matter what I say, one of these two teams will screw it up late for me.  I wanna say take the Texans to cover but I hate it when people tell me not to do something soo….I WILL mess with Texas, take the Jags to cover.

copy of boysneagles Dr. Cranfills Investment Strategies Week 8

Philadelphia Eagles (3½) vs Dallas Cowboys

Do I dare MESS WITH TEXAS twice in a row? I wouldn’t want to upset Nolan Ryan. Maybe the most stupidly titled show in all of TV, NBC’s FOOTBALL NIGHT IN AMERICA has this game for us Sunday night and it’s a big one. Iggles and Cowboys in Philadelphia. JACK FM Sticker Pimp Rich is an Iggles fan. Rich may weigh 108 pounds soaking wet. Meanwhile, my other friend Wade, who was the stand in for the guy that played Thor in the movie, is a Cowboys fan. He’s 6’4 230 and carries a knife. So in the interest of self-preservation I’ll take the Cowboys here and Rich, for the love of god, eat something.

copy of boltsnchefs Dr. Cranfills Investment Strategies Week 8

San Diego Chargers (-3½) vs Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are the home team and they’re the dog here? A week after pummeling the mighty Raiders? No respect. No respect at all. I know the Chiefs to be a proud people ever since white people discovered them in the late 1400’s. Question is, which Chargers team is going to show up Sunday? The Edison Chargers or the Nikolai Tesla Chargers? Chiefs have won 3 in a row, Chargers coming off a loss….hmmm…..take the Chiefs, I have a feeling the AFC West is gonna be reeeeeeallllllly interesting for the rest of the year. A win by the Chiefs here would give us a 3 way tie atop the division and who doesn’t love chaos? And you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair.

dark knight joker costume 1 Dr. Cranfills Investment Strategies Week 8


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