On Tuesday morning in Laguna Hills, Orange County, a man stuck inside of a hollow tree trunk was rescued by firefighters.

With the man’s body 4 to 5 feet underground, the rescue team were only able to see his head and arms. It took the firefighters 90 minutes to release the man from the tree’s grasp. The logic behind why this man decided to propel himself into a tree is unknown.

Guess he was trying to get back to his roots.

128284135 Grown Man Stuck in Tree Trunk, Freed By Deputies

It is the return of the tree hugger… literally. Forget the cliché kitten stuck in a tree, this surpasses all typical, ridiculous 911 calls involving a tree. Possibly he was convinced that he’s Tarzan and was climbing up to get to Jane? Whatever the case, we think he’s got some screws loose, to end up immobilized inside a tree.

Deputies claim his screams were heard down a creek bed, resulting in his removal from the jaws of the tree.

Could it be the tree was alive like the one in The Wizard of Oz?

Ah forget it. We’re tired of making excuses for him…

[Source: HP, MSNBC]


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