On this day 11/11/11 we present to you a JACK-load of superstitions to get your mind twisted for this historical day. Of course you’ve heard that you’ll receive bad luck when walking under a ladder or when a black cat crosses the street, but those are just some pu**y sh*t…no pun intended. Here are some urban legends to add some thrill to your 11/11/11.

Bad Luck Comes In Threes…

132011317 A JACK load Of Crazy Superstitions On 11/11/11

Jo Hale / Getty Images

IT is said that good things come in three’s, and in Chinese civilization, items are presented in three’s for good luck. But there’s gotta be a catch. Here are some superstitions in Western culture that make the number three not so appealing after all:

Lighting three cigarettes at the same time is bad luck.  Seeing three seagulls flying together means death will soon occur. If three people are photographed together, the one in the middle will die first…oh crap…I’m the middle child…always in the middle for pictures…

Damn Dandy Dandelions

Dandelions must be blown out for wishes to come true. Though they appear as useless weeds grown in nice green patches of grass….their purpose is to add some instant gratification to your day when completely blown out.

Tunnel of Tunnel

119380791 A JACK load Of Crazy Superstitions On 11/11/11

Juergen Scwhartz / Getty Images

One must hold their breath and make a wish when driving through a tunnel and their wish will come true. We’ve all tried this under the rainbow tunnel on Malibu Canyon Rd a few times… let’s get real.


Numbers: Change Your Evil Ways, Baby

People are afraid of the number 13! As it is known, there are no 13th floors in hotels and buildings in general. Paraskevidekatriaphobics Man up! All of you with a phobia of the number 13…check yo self. Or listen to these myths that will intensify your phobia even further!

666-The Sign of the Devil. Lucifer you ain’t got nothin’ on JACK! It is actually quite hilarious to discover that the people who often have “666” in their telephone numbers, i.d. numbers, etc are those that are the least devilish in life.

Money, Hand, Itch, Sneeze, Soul -What The?!

102651157 A JACK load Of Crazy Superstitions On 11/11/11

David McNew / Getty Images

Did you realize itching your hands or ears might mean something other than dry skin? Superstition has it if your left hand itches, you will lose money, on the other  hand…(no pun intended) if your right hand itches, you will earn money. Good time to be right-handed. But when your left ear itches people are talking good about you, whereas your right ear, not so much.

While on the subject of bodily functions, if you sneeze it means someone is missing you. However be careful not to sneeze to hard and not cover your mouth because many people are known for sneezing away their soul. Looks like Lindsay Lohan experienced this first HAND. Sucka!

Dreaming-Freddy’s All For It

When it comes to dreaming we’ve all had a dream about our teeth being pulled or that we’re getting ready to take that big exam and don’t know any of the answers.

There are psychological explanations to our dreams but others believe pure superstition. It is said if you have dreamt about a dog, you will have lots of enemies. To whereas if you have dreamt about a white cat you will have good luck. White cat that is, a black cat is never good in any circumstance…

Urban Legends in the… Kitchen?

98385622 A JACK load Of Crazy Superstitions On 11/11/11

Robert Cianflone / Getty Images

What does garlic, sugar, and rice have in common? Nothing! Unless you’re looking for some good luck. For all the tea drinkers out there it is said by putting the sugar into the cup before the tea will bring you good luck. Be careful though while you’re in the kitchen getting your tea ready because bad luck can manifest if you drop a dishcloth or let milk boil over. Milk boiling over probably not a good idea in the first place.

And if you’re cooking before your wedding, be sure not to eat from the pot or else it will rain at your ceremony. And with the extra rice lying around be sure to through it on the new bride and groom so they can have many children. Finally when you arrive hang up  that lucky piece of garlic, because not only does it ward off vampires but it also brings much good luck.

If Dr. Cranfill Says it, It’s True.

111307413 A JACK load Of Crazy Superstitions On 11/11/11

ESA / Getty Images

Astrology determines your destiny, everyone knows that. As our very own Dr. Cranfill delivers your HORROR-SCOPE with power songs as evidence, what do you think when you investigate your destiny based on your date of birth? All we know is…you gotta be superstitious to believe in the power of horoscope, alignment of the stars, planets and all that jazz.

Mistletoe = Get Some.

94463365 A JACK load Of Crazy Superstitions On 11/11/11

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

As the holiday season is approaching enjoy some superstitions that will stress you out THAT much more for this dreadful time of year, where you spend all your heard-earned money on others.

If you smooch under mistletoe, you are assumed to have lasting, loyal romance and friendship. This myth derives from Celtic culture and if you can convince someone to kiss you under it, you’re off to a good start.


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