What’s Your Favorite Extreme Obscure Sport?

These sports are about as extreme as a bag o’ Doritos.


Whatever happened to the good ol’ days of sports consisting of sport-like activities? Hitting, running, contact, blood, sweat, tears, exercise, practice… While there is probably a way you could argue that Underwater Hockey or Kiiking is a sport… but Mini Golf? Freestyle Stilts?

Come on.

Professional Mini Golf

They don’t care what you say – PUTT PUTT IS A SPORT!

Underwater Hockey

Not to be confused with Underwater Tonsil Hockey.

Extreme Ironing



For the kid that never grew out of the swing-set.

Limbo Skating

Bet he’s great at kid’s birthday parties.

Freestyle Poweriser Stilts

Pssshhh. They were just jealous of our Moon Shoes.

Midget Parkour

While the name could use a little work, this is the only obscure extreme sport we feel we could master. After all, we played with our Tech Decks for a good 10 years.


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