Man Breaks In To Hang Christmas Lights, Realizes It’s Not His Home

Christmas comes but once a year! Hope you’re on parole.

In the small town of Vandalia, OH, one family was shocked to find their halls decked and their ornaments hung in early November. It seemed the holiday spirit arrived a month early; this wasn’t the fault of Secret Santas or impatient department stores, but rather Terry Trent – a man riding high on bath salts (or grandpa’s eggnog).

santa Man Breaks In To Hang Christmas Lights, Realizes Its Not His Home


According to police, Trent has a history of drug charges. He can now add the charges burglary, cheer, and fung shui to his file.

The cause of his strange behavior can be traced back to his snorting of bath salts, a designer drug that those damn high school kids keep doing behind our building.

Catching Trent wasn’t all that difficult. According to the police report, an 11-year-old child came home and found the stranger sitting on the couch, presumably resting his chestnuts over the open fire. They said Trent walked through a back door and made himself comfortable, lit a few candles, and began hanging decorations.

The boy called his mother, Tamara Henderson, and explained what he found. The police were alerted moments later.

Says Henderson, “[Trent] said to the boy, ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I’ll get my things and go.'”

Unfortunately for Trent, there was no getaway sled waiting for him outside in the snow, and police arrived to throw him in handcuffs.

Trent is currently being held in police custody.

Look on the bright side, Trent. The Montgomery County Jail Christmas choir is in need of a good tenor ever since Squeaky Tim got shanked.



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