Natty Light: The First Beer Launched Into Space [Video]

JACK loves beer, and if you love JACK than there’s a good chance you must also love beer.

Turns out there are two fellas out there who share our love of a good brewski. They wanted to help Natural Light live up to its name, so they flew it high in the sky… to the Nattmosphere

Extra Terrestrials might just start to like us if we keep sending brews their way!

November 18th marked the big day when pint-lovers Danny and Rich lobbied for Natty Light to be the first beer in space. Apparently these two fellas contacted Anheuser-Busch, who were downto have their beer go up!

1151523 Natty Light: The First Beer Launched Into Space [Video]

Photo by Nasa

The two fans of Natural Light constructed a Styrofoam cooler named “The Aluminum Fullcan” as their launching device. The spacecraft apparently reached heights of 90,000 feet during it’s two and a half hour flight.

A vacuum sealed can of Natty Light was placed in the cooler. Attached to the exterior of  “The Aluminum Fullcan” was a tracking device, a video camera, and last but not least, a can of Natty Light itself. Obviously empty for gravitational purposes only… or maybe an alien couldn’t resist a nice buzz. 

[Source: Huffington Post]


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