The force is strong with this one.

A short time ago, in a Toys ‘R’ US far far away, a young padawan named David Allen Canterbury tried to save the galaxy. He knew there wasn’t enough cheer to go around. He knew there was a slim chance there wouldn’t be a Christmas. He knew everyone’s freedom was at stake.

So he did what any Jedi would do – he ripped a light saber out of a shelf and starting attacking Szzeechiban Warriors.

Oh wait, you probably don’t speak Szzeechiban. Szzeechiban Warriors are commonly referred to on Earth as clueless last-minute shoppers. Police arrested the 33-year-old Canterbury after a shopper dialed 9-1-1 to report his unorthodox fighting regiment. We believe it looked something like this:

Nerds don’t give up easily, and Canterbury put up a fight. Police attempted to subdue him using Earth technology, but the police tasers were easily knocked away with one swoop from the toy weapon.


Canterbury is charged with assault, disorderly conduct, theft, resisting arrest, and interfering with a police officer.

[Source: Huffington Post]


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