jackdeathbw JACK FM Celebrity Death Pool 2012!!!!
Photo Credit/Sasha Huff

Morbid? Weird? Borderline disrespectful? Yeah maybe, but there is no greater feeling in the world than being right. So here are the JACK FM staff’s picks for the 2012 Celebrity Death Pool.

Before we lay out our picks for 2012, what was the final score from the 2011 pool? Oddly enough, of the 30 celebrities chosen in last years pool ONE, only ONE actually left us. And that was the honorable Jack LaLane.

JACK FM APD Things That Go RALPH in the Night had Jack so…..Ralph? Take a bow. With a score of 1-0 against the rest of the field, you won the 2011 JACK FM Celebrity Death Pool.

Now for the rules…..

Tier 1-
Old and/or sick celebrities whose passing would be grieved, but would be of no HUGE surprise

Tier 2- Older or troublesome celebrities whose death might not be an absolute shock, but not someone who already has buzzards circling above them

and Tier 3- Out of the blue, younger, seemingly healthful celebs whose death would be a shock to most.

1 pt. for a Tier 1 death. 3 pts for a Tier 2 death. Aaaand 5 pts for a Tier 3.

Standings will be updated throughout the year and the winner wins a weeks paid vacation. That is, assuming HR and the Legal department is ok with all of this. I haven’t really ran this by them per se, but they seem pretty cool so it should be fine.

Undoubtedly some of you are already screaming…… “Boo….in poor taste JACK. You shouldn’t make light of death.”

To those people I cite the great George Bernard Shaw…

Dying is a troublesome business: there is pain to be suffered, and it wrings one’s heart; but death is a splendid thing -a warfare accomplished, a beginning all over again, a triumph. You can always see that in their faces.

With that being said, let’s get to the picks

Defending Death Pool Champ RALPH selects…
ralph JACK FM Celebrity Death Pool 2012!!!!
John Travolta, Joan Rivers, Brett Michaels
Two solid Tier 2’s and a Tier 3 with the Travolta choice. Silly Ralph. Travolta can’t die. His Thetan levels are such that he has mastered death.

Tami Heide selects…

tami JACK FM Celebrity Death Pool 2012!!!!
Wanda Jackson, Dick Cheney, Zsa Zsa Gabor
Taking the layup for an easy point with Zsa Zsa huh Tami? Wanda? Tier 2 borderline Tier 1. But I gotta say, Dick Cheney is a wasted pick. We all know Satan cannot die for he lives on forever in all of us.

Dr. Cranfill selects…
cranfill JACK FM Celebrity Death Pool 2012!!!!
Owen Wilson, Kim Cattrall, Billy Graham
I’m just going on gut instinct here.

JACK FM Producer Mike Crank selects…
crank JACK FM Celebrity Death Pool 2012!!!!
Ernest Borgnine, Nancy Reagan, Bronson Pinchot
Ernest Borgnine and Nancy Reagan I get but Balki? Balki Bartokomous? Say it ain’t so Crank?!!! I’ll call Nancy a Tier 1, Borgs a 2 and Balki a 3.

JACK FM Promotions Director American Phil selects…higgy JACK FM Celebrity Death Pool 2012!!!!
Andy Griffith, Lindsay Lohan, Andy Dick

I gotta say, I think Phil mailed his picks in this year. Lohan? Andy Dick? Andy Griffith? Very uninspired and way too obvious if you ask me. But you didn’t. So I’ll shut up and move Two 2’s and a 1 here.

JACK FM Web Editor Jordy selects..
jordy JACK FM Celebrity Death Pool 2012!!!!
Tracy Morgan, Giada De Laurentiis, Larry David

I guess Jordy wants none of us to laugh in 2012. Giada is a ironclad Tier 3 and I’ll put Tracy and Larry in as Tier 2’s.

JACK FM freelance photo editor Sasha Huff selects…
sasha JACK FM Celebrity Death Pool 2012!!!!
Dick Clark, Paris Hilton, Joe Jonas
Sasha playing it safe here taking a celebrity from each Tier. Although calling Paris Hilton or Joe Jonas a celebrity at this point is probably being generous.

JACK FM Sticker Pimp HAUCK selects……
hauck JACK FM Celebrity Death Pool 2012!!!!
Clint Eastwood, Flo the Progressive Lady, Joe Paterno
I like the picks Hauck. An inspired Tier 3 pic in Flo bookended by two solid Tier 1’s. Very savvy.

JACK FM staff writer the Salwin selects….
salwin JACK FM Celebrity Death Pool 2012!!!!
Steve-O, Sophia Loren, Bob Harper from the Biggest Loser
At 37 Steve-O is the youngest Tier 1 appointee in the short history of the JACK FM Celebrity Death Pool but I think we all realize it’s warranted. No way that kid sees 2013. Nice irony in the Bob Harper pick Salwin.

JACK FM Sticker Pimp Rich selects……
rich JACK FM Celebrity Death Pool 2012!!!!
Regis Philbin, Martha Stewart, Edward Furlong
Dammit Rich. I want to filet you for taking the REEGE. The REEGE cannot die for he is far too awesome to ever perish. Martha and Furlong are both crazy long shots but hey, sometimes ya gotta gamble.

So there’s our picks for the JACK FM 2012 Celebrity Death Pool. Don’t hate us for this. We want NONE of these people to leave us in 2012. Well, except maybe Cheney. Make your picks in the comment box below. If one of you can beat us hell, I’ll mail you a JACK FM shirt or two.

Comments (10)
  1. Dom Ortega says:

    Hmmmm. I’m Gonna go with Jackie Chan, Bootsy Collins, and Martin Sheen. I I love them all and hope they live, but just goin with a gut feeling. Forgive me!

  2. Tier 1 – Zsa Zsa Gabour
    Tier 2 & 3 – Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Sarah Palin
    Tier 3 – Snooki, Megan Fox, Daniel Radcliffe

    1. RHG says:

      Tier 2: Andy Dick, Steven Adler, Betty White. Lindsay & Charlie still stay but I need to move Sarah Palin to Tier 3 and just hope Dick Chaney is a 1!!!! I also hope the Kardashians make the list too, but Tier 3 for them 😦 as well as Justin Beiber.

  3. James C says:

    Zsa Zsa Gabor,
    Charlie Sheen,
    Yasmine Bleeth

  4. Tim says:

    Hugo Chavez
    Fidel Castro
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  5. DLS says:

    1. Alan Greenspan
    2. George Hamilton
    3. Katie Holmes

  6. NOOO Not Flo!! I ❤ her.. We need a ROBO-FLO! U have 30 seconds to comply!

  7. I don’t want to believe it, but Stan Lee. My personal Superhero.

  8. Don MacDiarmid says:

    Gary Carter, Robin Gibb, Muhammad Ali

  9. cinderyliang says:

    Just read today Donna Summer was buried in Nashville from Such a legend. May rest in peace.

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