That’ll win him over, for sure.

Trust us when we say we’re not a Love Doctor. Not that we haven’t tried – we spent three hard and long years studying at UCLA, pulling all-nighters to get that Love-ology doctorate… but tests are hard and we’d rather be playing what we want.

This in mind, we’re not certified to say which tactics attract you a mate. We do think, however, we’re smart enough to know that you won’t get a man (or woman) to fall deeply in love with you if you tattoo their name on your butt. Nor will legally changing your name to match theirs have them flipping out.

Parading around the subway in a wedding dress? Maybe.

[pullquote quote=”I basically was just doing all type of things to say ‘I love you more than all those girls.'” credit=”Kanyeresa West”]

Born Lindaresa, the performer legally changed her name to “Kanyeresa West” in April 2011. She figured it would make the world’s most narcissistic rapper fall head over heels in love.

Kanye West still hasn’t returned her phone calls.

But Mrs. Kanye West doesn’t care. She knows what she’s doing! She explained in a recent Chicago radio interview:

Kanye likes people who is completely into him,” she explained. “He was raised by a mom who gave him 100% attention and 100% honor and put nobody before him. And that’s how he likes his girls.”

[Source: PopDust]

  1. dana says:

    Thats ten levels of CRAZY the world just doesn’t need right now. ;)~ WOWZERS

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