The layman’s version of Groundhog Day is pretty boring if you ask us. A big rat thing pops out of a hole and predicts the weather? Yawwwwwn.

The really interesting part about this amazing holiday (we still can’t figure out why we had to come into work today), is it’s twisted history.

Hint: it involves a fiery backwoods liquor.

Most people don’t realize, but Punaoasifkxlny Phil is 125 years old. We thought that sounded fishy, so the Jack FM team decided to investigate.

The findings?

Phil is actually a reincarnated version of the first American weatherman, Seymour Butts. When good ol’ Seymour accidentally overdosed on moonshine and kicked the bucket, his amazing weather prediction skills magically got passed on to a large rat (excuse us, groundhog… although we don’t really see a difference).

This groundhog grew up to become Phil, and has been magically kept alive for 125 years by Seymour Butts’ enthusiasm for weather and a very illegal moonshine elixir.

Why does he only come out once a year? Well, if you were drinking moonshine like that, you’d probably be knocked out for a while too.

Merry Groundhog Day!


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