We’re sure you’ve already heard all about the SAG-AFTRA merger. Will they? Won’t they? How the heck would we pronounce the new union name? SAGAFTRA? AFTRASAG? ATMOSPHRARAGTRA?

Here’s what we know:  both boards have now voted in favor of the merger.

What remains unseen:  how will the Boards duke it out to figure out whose name will lead the new union.

We stand on the brink of a historical moment in the entertainment industry, it’s true. However, we’re more excited about how this epic mud-wrestling , flip cup tournament, street fighting match TBA bloodbath will play out if it passes.

Perhaps the boards will decide to go old school and roshambo for it, but we don’t think that’s very original for all those creative types. Maybe throw them in an arena a la The Hunger Games and let it play out that way?

We’re not entirely sure what that’ll look like, but we can give you a guess:

Hey Hollywood – if you decide to go with a death-match arena, throw Justin Bieber in there, ok?

[Source: CBS]


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