What’d you think about this year’s Super Bowl Commercials?

Sure, they were dynamic. But you can say that every year.

We looked up from Snack Stadium only once or twice for a hearty laugh. Vegas had 50:1 odds that fans would be laughing eight-ten times. What went wrong?

Has our attention span deteriorated so greatly that even great commercials… won’t hold… our view for… 30 seconds hey look over there that turtle is carrying a leaf haha.

Ferris Bueller Back for Honda
Matthew Broderick returned in character with nods to his ’80s classic.

Volkswagen’s Dog Strikes Back
A perky puppy challenged Darth Vader.

Brown M&M
A brown female M&M clarified that she’s not naked.

Hyundai Goes Rocky
Office Space met and Glee as employees did the theme to Rocky.

TaxACT’s Kid in a Pool
A kid peed in a pool to illustrate feeling free.

Camaro Graduation Gift
A recent grad is ultimately disappointed that he doesn’t have a new ride.

Met Life Vintage Cartoons
Met Life brought us characters from Peanuts, Thundercats, Scooby-Doo and other classic toons.

Clint Eastwood Motivates Us
During halftime, Clint Eastwood got serious about tough times and coming together for Chrysler.

GoDaddy Gets Sexy… again
Race-car driver Danica Patrick, and fitness guru Jillian Michaels, body painted a nude woman.

Pepsi Star Power
Pepsi gave us Elton John, with X Factor winner Melanie Amaro and Flava Flav. Pepsi Max gave us Regis Philbin, proclaiming, “I’m back.”

Jerry’s Back
Seinfeld pitched for Acura with the “Soup Nazi,” and fellow car-collector Jay Leno.

Double Model Duty
Victoria Secret’s model Adriana Lima did commercials for both the online florist Teleflora and carmaker Kia.

Toyota Goes Gay
The Toyota Camry gave us possibly the first gay friendly Super Bowl ad. An awkward guy was happy to find shirtless hunks in his living room.

Audi Fights Vampires
Vampires rose in a nod to Twilight, and got blasted to dust in the glow of Audi headlights.


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