Rockstar… Pastor… Groupies… Nuns…

Meet Dave Ellefson, the bass player for Megadeth, a band appropriately named for the message they portray.

Or maybe you know him better as Pastor Ellefson? Yes, the heavy metal guitarist is indeed studying to become a Lutheran Pastor. As hilarious and contradictory as this seems, ’tis mega true.

After moving from Minnesota to L.A., Ellefson joined Megadeth and his “Countdown to Destruction” was initiated. At age 25, he entered a 12-step rehabilitation program to escape his “Darkest Hour” and pursue dedication to his one time Lutheran faith. Ellefson is currently studying online in the Specific Ministry Program at Concordia Seminary.

Megadeth – “Holy Wars”

It appears evident that Ellefson’s own “Holy Wars” were released, yet intensified through his passion for heavy metal. He resolved his battle between the big man upstairs and the big man downstairs through creatively collaborating his heavy metal classics with praise/worship music.

Megadeth - “Symphony of Destruction”

Ellefson was asked to start a contemporary worship service at the Lutheran church in Scottsdale, AZ where he and his family are congregants. Oh, but not to fear Megadeth-heads, he’s still rocking out despite all this faith business. Megadeth kicked off their “GIGANTOUR 2012” with Motorhead January 26, in New Jersey. The new album “TH1RT3EN” is now available HERE.

Megadeth - “In My Darkest Hour”

Click Here For More MEGADETH INFO.

[Source: Rolling Stone]


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