tend Tenacious D RIDES AGAIN!! Prepare Thine Asses
Getty Images/Kevin Winter

Tenacious D, the greatest and most best band to ever grace the surface of this planet, has announced they will return with a new album entitled, Rize of the Fenix in May of this year. Prepare thine asses.

If you have no idea who or what Tenacious D is….

A) shame on you


B) Tenacious D is the two-headed rock hydra of one Jack Black and Kyle Gass. (on lead guitar). Yes. Nacho Libre Jack Black.

Rize of The Fenix will be the D’s third full album following their meteoric rise to power after their self-titled first album, Tenacious D (with Dave Grohl on drums) that spawned such hits as “Tribute”, “Wonderboy” and “F&*$ Her Gently”.

And yes, the 2006 album and subsequent movie Pick of Destiny fell a bit flat at the box office and with critics but I am sure that Black & Gas will be bringing it like it’s never been broughten on Fenix. In fact, they’ve already released a little taste of whats’ to come on Fenix which you can listen to below…

Now for those of you that are Tenacious D virgins, might I direct you to the videos below which are a smathering of some of my favorite moments from the D’s HBO series that ran back in 1997…

But before you do, know and understand, these songs/videos are probably NOT SUITABLE TO BE PLAYED AT work due to language. Mainly because you probably work somewhere jerky where people don’t have a sense of humor. Enjoy.


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