Pants. We hate them. In fact, we host No Pants Dance Parties every Friday here at the studio just to stick it to The Man. The PANTS WEARING Man.

However, based on our new findings, we think we’re about to change our tune. Introducing Dress Sweat Pants… classiness has never been so classless. Or comfortable!

Buy a pair today from Beta Brand!

It’s basically like college. You’re lounging around in your favorite sweats, throwing back a few beers and playing hacky sack, then the next thing you know you’re passed out.

Back in the day, it would probably be unacceptable to drag yourself off your futon, skip the shower, and show up to work Hey man, we get it. Some hangovers are allergic to showers.

Well, now you can show up to your office in said sweat pants, because guess what – you own Dressy Sweat Slacks! With your new Sweat Slacks, you are all but encouraged to roll out of bed and straight to work.

For all those doubters out there, we’re serious, folks. These babies have pockets, belt loops, even a zipper… all the makings of real pants. Plus they’re made of terry cloth! Do you know what that means? We didn’t, we had to look it up!

It pretty much means they feel as soft as a towel. And you know what that means, right? They will instantly soak up anything you spill on them.

Finally, we can let the interns use big kid cups.

Yes, we realize Pajama Jeans and Dress Sweat Pants aren’t the same thing.

But you’ve got to admit - Pajama Jeans are pretty rad too.

[Source: Gizmodo, Beta Brand]


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