Japan Tsunami Debris To Hit A California Coast Near You!

Looks like the earthquake that hit Japan is about to reign vengeance upon California’s coastline… in the form of trash, rot, and debris.

[pullquote quote=”…there is a huge amount of debris that you don’t normally find. Cars, houses, telephone booths, I mean you name it.” credit=”EPA Regional Director Jared Blumenfeld”]

Predicted to hit next winter, the 25 million tons of flotsam caused by the giant tsunami will be floating straight toward the West Coast of the United States. And that amount of devastation is only a quarter of the debris caused by that massively destructive, 9.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Japan in March of 2011.

Peninsula College oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer says:

You’re going to have the flotsam go four placesSome is going to sink, which might be a quarter; some is going to come to North America, which might be a quarter; some is going to come around back to Japan, which might be a quarter, about six years later; some is going to go into the garbage patch, which might be a quarter roughly.”

What can we expect to see washed upon shore? Basically anything:  portions of houses, dolls, ships, an armoire or two, a couple of cars here and there… anything.

Residents of California, please remember – this is not Mother Nature’s Lawn Sale. If you feel the need to rummage through the monstrous debris, support our fine state through the Environmental Protection Agency.

Their extensive clean-up effort could be next week’s Jack-tivity.


Bob Dylan – “Shelter From The Storm”

[Source: Huffington Post]

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