Asparamancer. Sound like a BS word?

We think so too, but it apparently applies to a fortune teller in the UK who can predict the future via asparagus tips.

Jemima Packington (yes, that’s her real name), claim’s to be the only asparagus tip reader in the world, and we don’t doubt it.

When the mood strikes, Mystic Jemima heads out to her backyard, where she says a magic spell, takes a handful of asparagus ,and tosses them into the air. She then reads how the tips land and bases her readings off that.

Makes perfect sense.

To her credit, she has made “dozens” of accurate predictions in the past couple of years, including the onslaught of Oscar wins for The King’s Speech

Right, because no one knew that was going to happen.

She has recently made her predictions for 2012, including two Royal pregnancies. We’re betting they’re either Harry’s or the Queen Mother’s.

One thing that won’t require prediction? How her urine will smell after eating all that asparagus.

[Source: Arbroath]

Comments (2)
  1. dana says:

    I predict your pee will stink

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