Oceans 11 Jewel Heist In Chicago Is As Real As They Get

The fellas of the modern-day Rat Pack made it look easy in the Oceans’ series, but who would have thought these schemes could be pulled off in real life.

This is what Jack likes to hear… suspense… adrenaline… burglaries…YEAH! Are you in or out?

The mayhem took place Tuesday, at a Sushi restaurant in Lincoln Park, Chicago. Approximately $500,000 worth of jewelry was stolen via a giant drill. They worked they way from the wall of the sushi restaurant into the wall of the jewelry store.

Never say never, even a state of the art security system and theft-proof safe can be annihilated with enough man power… and a drill.

Dana Sullivan, manager of Steve Quick Jeweler on the 2400 block of North Clark Street, discovered the 4-by-4 inch hole in the back of the safe. The heist was done so by the following simple steps: Do not try this at home. Well only if you’re bored.

120719183 Oceans 11 Jewel Heist In Chicago Is As Real As They Get

Jim Dyson / Getty Images

The bottom shelves were removed first, then containers were crushed that held a 25 year collection of rare gems.

This led them to fit through a small opening to access and remove the safe. This very safe is titled the TL-30 because it’s assumed to take a master lock pick 30 minutes to crack.

Bam! The owner Steve Quick is suspicious that it had to have been an inside job, in order for one to know the security system so precisely.

The area happened to have been under his desk in the only spot not protected by motion censors or cameras.

Always remember Quick, it’s not your enemy who gets you –  it’s always your own people.

No arrests have been made on behalf of this heist...

[Source: Gizmodo, Chicago Tribune]


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