For Lent, Jack Decides To Give ‘Giving It Up’ A Try

Lent  - the time of year when Christians stop eating meat on Fridays and give up something about for 40 days.

In a show of solidarity, we decided to give something up for Lent as well. Can you figure out what it is, Julian in Long Beach??

Michael Nagle / Getty

We’re gonna stop being so darn mean.

We’re almost 7 years old now, that’s like 49 in radio years. It’s about time we grew up and started being nice to our listeners, even if it is forced and for a limited time. We think you deserve it. You’ve put up with our shenanigans for far too long. Honestly, how are you still here? Why are you still here?

For the next 40 days we’re going to play nice with you.

No more sarcasm. No more cynicism. No more being an a-hole just because we feel like it. If we stay out too late drinking, no matter how much our hangover begs us, we won’t be rude.

If you engage us before we’ve had our morning trenta from Starducks, we’ll gladly nod and smile as we listen to you retell that wacky thing your kid did yesterday. If you ask us a question we just answered, we will be more than happy to repeat the lengthy instructions we just gave you.

Gone are the days of shamelessly mocking you on air for our own pleasure. Gone are the days of making fun of you behind your back. Gone are the days of playing what we want without honoring your well-thought out request.

Ha. Yeah, right. We’re Jack FM.

Lenting what we want.


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