In case you don’t watch the news or don’t care about all the crap going on in Hollywood, the Kodak will no longer be sponsoring the Kodak Theater.

Which leaves the name of one of the most legendary theaters up for grabs, right?

We personally think Jack FM Theatre has a nice ring to it.

So…as of right now the historical Hollywood theatre is just…Theatre? Yep. But we can think of some sponsors we’d like to see step in and rename this bad boy.

Viagra Theatre

2455541 11 Options For The Kodak Theatres New Name

It’s definitely our favorite NASCAR speedster, so why not make it the place they hold the Oscars?

Plus we’re pretty sure it’s a brand that’s near and dear to many people in the entertainment industry.

American Idol Theatre

136582120 Options For The Kodak Theatres New Name

Technically that would probably make it “Fox” Theatre, but American Idol has a such a nauseating Pop Culture ring to it.

And let’s be honest, if the Oscars move to Downtown, American Idol will just take over anyway.

Playboy Theatre

115051801 Options For The Kodak Theatres New Name

Is there anything more iconic than Playboy? Come on, even the Oscar himself doesn’t stand a chance against Hef and his hotties.

We’ve always thought the Oscars should have more Bunnies running around.

Kookaroo Theatre

101869655 Options For The Kodak Theatres New Name

Kookarooooo! We’re not quite sure what’s served there (the logo kind of frightens us), but we assume it’s chicken. And since most of the LA population seems to go cuckoo for Kookaroo, why not?

[Source: CBS Los Angeles]


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