PONG BEER, Custom Made For Beer Pong

You can thank Latrobe Brewing Company of Pennsylvania for creating a beer specially brewed for Beer Pong AKA Beirut.

In other words, a watered-down beverage containing alcohol, made for bros to consume while participating in beer pong and fist pumping. This “Pong Beer” is currently available in 10 states, and soon to be Texas and Florida. Don’t mess with Texas, they pong hard. As we all know, beer pong has been a trend among college students all over… BALLS BACK!

113982371 PONG BEER, Custom Made For Beer Pong

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

According to Pong Beer, $20 million dollars of annual revenue is generated every year in beer pong paraphernalia. Due to the popularity among at least 50% of college students, this Pong Beer could surpass Keystone. Later Keystone…won’t miss ya!

Some benefits of this Pong Beer include the “Rack Pack”, a 30 pack which comes with two free balls.

If the rack pack isn’t good enough for ya, “The Reload” contains 16 0z cups and four balls. That’s incase you don’t have balls…


[Source: Geekologie]



One Comment

  1. dana says:

    shoot, I play my beer pong with mexican beer. its all about TECATE people! One of these days I’ll play with Sapporo!

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