Jeremy Lin Inspired Ice Cream Sparks Outrage

You haven’t achieved rock-star or superhuman status until Ben and Jerry’s names an ice cream flavor in your honor.

So naturally amidst all the “Lin-Sanity” (we know, we hate that we’re using it too), B & J jumped on the bandwagon and came out with a fun flavor in honor of the b-ball star. The controversy? It contains… wait for it…. fortune cookies!

How Lin-Sensitive!

The creamy concoction actually sounds pretty amazing to us… honey-swirl flavored yogurt with fortune cookie pieces? Who can argue with that!

Apparently the Asian American Journalists Association and a whole lot of other people. So much so in fact that the company issued a formal apology and replaced the fortune cookie pieces with waffle cones.

Now you mention it, we’ve got a few bones to pick with Ben and Jerry’s too.

Chubby Hubby?
Come on! Totally offensive to overweight husbands out there!

Dublin Mudslide?
If the Irish weren’t so drunk all the time, they would be up in arms!

Late Night Snack?
We’re not quite sure if Jimmy Fallon deserves to have anything named after him.

As for the Lin-Sanity ice cream… hey, at least it wasn’t a sweet and sour swirl.

[Source: Yahoo]


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One Comment

  1. John says:

    Maybe they were afraid that every bite of Lin-Sanity might contain a soggy fortune. That would be a bummer.

  2. its just an ice cream….nothing biblical about it………

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